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The Mission of Amazing Kids Academy is to create a learning  environment where each child’s diverse and unique gifts are deeply respected, nurtured and celebrated.

We are inspired by children’s passion, natural curiosity and magical interpretation of the world. We are committed to providing the highest quality childcare, early education and work/life solution in the lives of children and families and in the communities where we live and work. We provide innovative programs that help children, families, and employer’s work together to be their best.

We seek to add joy to discovery as together we extend each other’s thinking to construct new meanings. The Amazing Kids Academy is dedicated to providing the foundation to encourage your child’s lifelong love of learning.


At Amazing Kids Academy we strive to provide a family centered high quality educational program with a safe and loving environment where both child and family are held in the highest esteem. Our school community is valued in the diverse economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds that unite us together as one. Our program philosophy and curriculum are grounded on the important role “Play” is in the learning environment. We continue our focus as educators to keep abreast of early childhood theories and developments to keep our programs enriched and challenging with founded current practices on research.


Families are the foundation upon which we build our school community. It is respected in our environment the importance of the different ethnicity, culture, and language she spoken by our families. We employ the talents and skills our families encompass to involve and create learning above and beyond the classroom doors. The voice of our families is high on our priority list because we believe in working together we can provide the most appropriate and safest educational setting where individual and school – wide concerns and needs can be addressed and implemented.